How Beards will Rock in 2018

Besides genitals, there’s one distinguishing factor between Men and Women is the presence of facial hairs. The growth of facial hairs is a sign of puberty and maturity for a particular person. In earlier times it was not a trend to grow a beard but things have changed. A trend to grow a beard has started to flourish. Men are now moving towards development of beard of various styles instead of a long and traditional beard. If we search out internet, we will find that there’re a lot of searches being made by males regarding growing beard. A lot of questions were asked by them like how to grow a thick beard? Or latest beard styles? Or how a beard can add to someone’s personality? And likewise. So indeed it could be extrapolated that this trend will rock the New Year, 2018. You might ask the same question, that how my beard will be going to rock my circles in 2018. So this article will briefly discuss everything you need to know in order to let your beard rock the world.

How Beards will Rock in 2018
Heavy Stubble


⦁ Congratulations, if you have made your mind to grow the beard. 1st thing you need to define that which style you’re planning to adopt. According to our research following styles will be the hot trend for the entire 2018. These styles include  

  1. Heavy Stubble
  2. Five O’ Clock Shadow
  3. Full Beard
  4. Long Hipster Beard
  5. Van Dyke Beard.


How Beards will Rock in 2018
Five O’ Clock Shadow




⦁ Next, you need to know that growing a beard is not an easy job. You have to take several precautions in order to grow a good beard. After defining your beard style, you need to consult the hair expert. He will guide you how to trim your beard in order to attain your desired style.GROWTH AND MAINTENANCE

How Beards will Rock in 2018
Full Beard

⦁ With the puberty, due to hormonal changes in the body, the growth of beard is natural. Now to grow it properly and to keep it healthy is the duty of that man himself. In order to grow a healthy beard, the man must focus on his diet. Hairs are made up of keratin protein. So the protein intake is an essential to growing a good and healthy beard. Proteins from Egg, Red Meat, Fish and likewise could impart a great look at your beard.

How Beards will Rock in 2018
Long Hipster Beard

⦁ Earlier there was a false impression on the minds that intense exercise causes the hair loss. But the recent studies have shown that both of the things have no linkage with one another. Rather, doctors are of the opinion that exercise increases the blood circulation throughout the body which in turns increase the hormone production and enhance the growth of hairs, especially in the beard region.

⦁ It is advised to not cut or trim your beard for at least one month in order to grow a thick beard. The reason is that 1st month is the real time when it takes to grow. Once you pass the barrier of one month, then you can trim accordingly.

How Beards will Rock in 2018
Van Dyke Beard

⦁ Last but not the least, give your beard a massage on daily basis with Coconut or Olive oil. These oils contain amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins. This will enrich the skin under the beard and will help you to grow a good, thick and healthy beard.No doubt, the beard will go to be the hottest trend for men in 2018 and if you will follow all of the above-mentioned tips and suggestion, your beard will rock in 2018 and will impart a good addition to your personality.