How to fix winters 5 worst hair problems

The winter season is that time of the year where you experience dryness, dehydration apart from the cold. Such weather not only affects the skin or the body, changes can be seen on hair too. Like women, men hair also begin feeling flakiness and dryness due to dry air. This means the hair become more brittle and breakable during this season.

How to fix winters 5 worst hair problems
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For every problem, there is a solution. So, be being informed of hair tips for men will do you good immensely. A study has shown that you lose more hair during winter season than at any time of the year. So, why not be prepared and act wisely. The winter hair care for men is not that tough.

You should also be aware that certain changes in the body occur that affect hair care for men in winter. Making a routine for a few steps will enable you to take of your hair throughout the season.

Hair Problems in winter and remedies

From dryness, to static and wet hair, males tend to suffer from them time and again. Whatever the cause, its best to begin taking care immediately to prevent further damage of the hair.

  1. Hat Hair: When the winter winds are biting, males tend to wear a hat to protect head and ears. Yet, they need to be careful about the material being used. The man-made materials make the scalp hot and sweaty and also less breathable. This leads to cause of dandruff as well. Try using a woolen hat that prevents hat hair and overheating of scalp.
  2. Static Hair: The winter hair is dry and cold that causes hair to pick up electrical charge and to stand up. You can prevent the issue by using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that comprises of keratin and argon oil. These ingredients help to nourish and repair damaged hair and scalp.
  3. Split Ends: When your hair cuticles get worn away by hair styling or chemical processing, you will have split ends. So, your hair will become vulnerable to splitting and breaking.

What you can do is while taking a shower, condition your hair. During conditioning, comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb. This will distribute the conditioner evenly. Then, rinse your hair with water to seal the cuticles and in the end pat your hair gently to make them dry.

  1. Dryness: Dry hair affects your hair scalp too that leads to a thin layer of white powder dust forming on your shoulders. The men’s hair advice is to shampoo less frequently as over-shampooing will lead make your scalp more hair and to flake off. You should use a specialized anti-dandruff shampoo having a PH of 5.5 to support healthy growth of hair and scalp.
  2. Dandruff: The dandruff which when forms makes the hair brittle and it resembles a straw. What you can do is use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Then, you can also try using a hair mask once a week or more.

Hair Care Tips

Initially, you need to tailor your hair care methods to your personal needs. The male hair advice here is that you cannot simply buy any shampoo, conditioner or toner without giving it a thought. Your hair deserve much better. Following tips will help you to take proper care of hair in winter.

  1. Oiling of hair: To keep your hair hydrated, you have to oil it once in two days. This will help you in two ways. Firstly, it will prevent hair fall and secondly, oiling will improve the strength of the roots in the cold months.
  2. Conditioning: One of the essential hair tips for men for winter is the conditioning of hair. Majority of the males are unaware of such tip. The conditioning is beneficial to improve the elasticity of the hair and prevents the adverse effects of harsh conditions too.

What you need to do is that shampoo your hair at least 3 times in a week. Then, follow after shampooing apply quality natural hair conditioner. Just massage the conditioner on your scalp for few minutes to keep it hydrated and then rinse again.

  1. Styling: The men hair care also takes into account styling for which you need to be careful and cautious. Avoid using those hair styling products that consist of strong chemicals as they will make your scalp dry and weaken your hair. The best choice for hair products for men is a Natural Pomade respectively.

Using a pomade is one of the vital men’s hair styling tips that will make you hair appear dry and not stiff at all.

How to fix winters 5 worst hair problems
Awais Khan Afridi featuring in “Fawad Khan Inspired Hairstyle” hairstyle inspiration episode
  1. No toweling: After you wash your hair, avoid using a towel immediately. First let your hair to dry up naturally. This is necessary, otherwise, you will end up damaging your roots which will hamper good hair growth.

Best Men’s Hair Products

You will come across countless men hair products in the market. However, which are good and suitable for your hair is tricky. The ones offered by Alphamen are extremely good for men haircare and you should try them too.

Given below is the list of products by Alphamen that are worthy trying for men styling hair and grooming.

  1. Slick Pomade
  2. Matt Clay
  3. Fibre
  4. Texture Clay