Tips for Preventing Hair Dryness

Lately we have been getting a lot of questions on our social media accounts in which most of the guys are frustrated because of there hair dryness and they are blaming one way or the other to the hair products. But here guys I will inform there might be strong reason that you should not blame only products there are numerous reasons which you guys should take under consideration. So, let me explain some useful tips which helped me to prevent hair dryness.

TIP 1 : Stop Shampooing your hair every day

It’s a very common mistake that nearly all of us guys do, which is shampoo every day. Actually, most of the common shampoos have sulphate which is excellent cleaning agent, it wipes out all unnecessary gunk from your hair but if you do it on a regular basis which means everyday then it will also strip away all the natural occurring oils. These natural occurring oils protect your precious hair from heat and dryness. So say no to shampooing every day from now on.

TIP 2 : Use a good quality conditioner

Yes you heard it right guys you have pick up a conditioner. Conditioner not only makes your hair soft and smooth but also locks all the moisture inside your hair. For guys who have curly coerced hair try to use Leave in Conditioner. It will make your hair smooth and soft throughout the day and also it will save your hair from this summer heat.

TIP 3 : Use a Hair Oils

Yes you heard it right its not a myth that hair oils nourish & repair your luscious locks. I would recommend you to apply oil hours before the days you will shampoo your hair. Consider oiling your hair as a therapy for your hair. It’s your hair’s rehabilitation, so longer the stay of oil on your hair then more the benefits. There are many good quality hair oils all have many benefits but my favorite is coconut oil. Firstly, its very cheap and you can buy this from any drug store. Coconut oil has the capability to repair your damaged dry hair and provide them some good nourishment.

TIP 4 : protect your hair from heat

Protect your precious hairs from heat whether it’s a direct sunlight or hair styling tools. Use blow drier on medium heat setting and stay away from straightening irons as much as can because they work on very very high temperature.

I hope these tips are useful for you.


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