5 Most Famous Jeans Brands in Pakistan

Jeans is an important part of any men’s wear. It is a thing that can totally change the look of a man. Jeans can be worn as casual as well as formal. It depends on how you are carrying it. Men don’t really pay attention to their dressing as much as women do. But they don’t know that dressing well is as important for them as it is for women. They especially don’t care about what kind of jeans they are wearing and whether it is looking good or not. Even if they care, they do not find it difficult to select the perfect pair of jeans for them. There are three reasons for this:

• Having less knowledge about what kind of jeans will look good on their body
• No good styles available when they go for selection
• Confusions about details of the jeans such as wash, detailing and weight

But the most important thing is that they don’t know which is the best place to shop for good jeans. There are some excellent brands in Pakistan that provide jeans for men. Some of them are mentioned below:


5 Most Famous Jeans Brands in Pakistan
Breakout is one of the most famous brands of Pakistan has a variety of clothes for its customers. They are the best casual fashion brand with a price-value proposition. Capturing new trends and styles in the market, they have made clothes and accessories that promote an easy-going and effortless stylish life.
They provide jeans that look classy and change a man’s look in a few minutes. Their jeans collection for men includes 3D wrinkled stretched denim, faded denim, medium wash denim, rock stretch denim, slave stretch denim, tinty wash denim, super stretch skinny, stretch skinny and much more.

Super stretch skinny costs Rs. 1533


5 Most Famous Jeans Brands in Pakistan
They made a remarkable name through their quality and uniqueness of their products. Levi’s is famous for its outclassing jeans and almost every man in Pakistan loves it. They have a huge collection of jeans that includes regular taper fit jeans, relaxed straight jeans, boot cut jeans and comfort fit jeans etc.

Slim fit sublime beat costs Rs. 2800


5 Most Famous Jeans Brands in Pakistan
Established in 2003, outfitters is a pioneer brand for introducing trendy clothes for people. They follow the latest fashion and provide something that is unique.
They have a large collection of men’s jeans that are comfortable and easy to wear.Their collection includes slim fit jeans pant, fabric ripped jeans, light shaded pant, ripped denim, shaded fir pant, straight pocket pant, and skinny denim pant etc.

Slim fit jeans pant costs Rs. 1290


5 Most Famous Jeans Brands in Pakistan
It is famous for its classy clothes and accessories. It was debuted in 2004 and very few brands had access to fashionable cuts, refined denim and design production at that time. They provide a large range of fashion basic that lets people express their style effectively. Stoneage believes in connecting with people. They attract a huge amount of customers.
The jeans collection is unique just like the brand’s name. Their collection includes denim slim fit jeans, blue shaded jeans, black straight jeans and much more for its customers.

Medium blue denim jeans costs Rs. 2690


5 Most Famous Jeans Brands in Pakistan
It is a casual and streetwear brand for people, founded in 2002. It has 5 outlets all across Pakistan. The clothes they provide are not just trendy; the quality of the material is also marvelous.
Their jeans collection includes black slim pants and straight blue pants etc.

Low straight navy jeans costs Rs. 1450