Finishing Spray

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Finishing spray is no fuss styling spray. It does exactly what its name suggests,it is used at the end of any hair styling process to lock the hairstyle for whole day long. Best part is its scent,it has slight perfume scent. The main difference between our finishing spray and other sprays is its varied holding power. Varied holding power means if you use it in less quantity it will give you gentle hold more or less your hair feels re-workable but in case you want to freeze your hair then use it generously to lock the hairstyle in place.Best part is that its 260 ml and without gas so it means it can last you a very long time.

Hold –  Strong or Firm hold.
Finish – Natural shine
Style guide – Perfect for locking the high volume hairstyles for whole day long.
Hair type – Suitable for all hair types.
Size: 260 ml or 8.79oz

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