Leave-in Conditioner

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    Leave in conditioner is a must have for every individual who wants to stay in hair game for the rest of their lives. It is made of natural ingredients such as Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil. It has a lot of benefits for your hair firstly it will keep your hair nourished and will give your hair a  natural healthy gloss. Secondly for those who have issues with scalp dryness then it is perfect for them because it will will make your hair frizz free,smooth and soft for the whole day without making your hair greasy..Thirdly it will protect your hair from heat specially from those harsh summer sun rays.It is also our only product which women can use it to.All in all its a must have to keep your healthy and strong.

    How to use – Wash hair and towel dry.Pour a small amount of L.I.C into your palms and rub together. Distribute evenly throughout the hair. For maximum effect do not rinse out.
    Finish – Medium shine
    Hair type – Suitable for all hair types of medium length
    Size: 130ml or 4.39 oz

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