Texture Clay

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This product packs a solid punch. It grips and slicks hair of any length effortlessly, it can shape just about any style. After using this product everyone will get an impression that you were born to rock this sexy hair style but your secret is safe with us that you are using our Texture Clay.

Our Texture Clay is free from harmful chemicals which can effect your hair health. With added benefits of Kaolin (generic name of clay) as one of its main ingredient will provide nourishment to your scalp and give your hair a thicker fuller effortless look.

Best used to create short textured looks, or longer sweeping styles where ultimate control and precision are required.

Hold – Medium but reworkable
Finish – Dry, Matte look
Style Guide – Perfect for controlling longer or textured styles
Hair Type – Ideal for difficult to control hair of any length
Size: 100ml or 3.38oz
Water Base

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